About Us

Treatment & rehabilitation network based on therapeutic community mode

Navadarsanagram – The new vision village – is the pioneer project of the CMI religious community (St. Joseph’s Province, Kottayam) for holistic treatment of victims of alcoholism, drug abuse and related illnesses and their restoration to normal life situation through scientific and sustainable rehabilitation processes. Special emphasis is given to build up healthy family bonds with due integration with society at large..

Located in a serene environment amidst the agro-forestry of the picturesque High Ranges, the Navadarsana serve as the prime network in the whole of South India in the treatment of substance abuse cases; practising Therapeutic Community model (TC) treatment disciplines that visualizes a well structured family environment and positive interactions.

Vision And Philosophy

Fullness of life is our vision, “That they have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10 : 10). Man is the masterpiece of creations, composed in the true image of God with the special gift of intelligence. It is His absolute demand that each and every person develops and exercises his faculties to the maximum for the materialization of the above stated vision.

Reference Context

The immediate reference area of the project is the entire district of Idukki situated along the eastern hill ranges of the state of Kerala, largely occupied by migrant agricultural settlers and plantation labourers. The phrase, ‘hand to mouth existence’ aptly suits to point out their level of economic deprivation. These small farmers and marginalized sections inhabiting the far-flung villages are a distressed lot consequent on constant crop failures and various forms of calamities. The situation often forces them to seek refuge in spurious liquors and narcotics, often assuming proportions of illness.

These have seriously damaged the peace of the area rendering the youth chronic alcoholic and antisocial. As a fallout of this development, cross border interactions have gained ground abetting the mafia activities and enslavement of innocent people. To add to this, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have also made their way into these villages. It is this pathetic situation that the CMI religious community has chipped in and is up in arms to weed out the menace.

Fr.Joseph Valiathazhath CMI (Director)

Fr.Joseph Valiathazhath CMI

Fr. Sebastian Kolath CMI (Secretary)

Fr. Sebastian Kolath CMI