Navadarsnagram Psycho Social Development Society is an Organisation for the recovery and rehabilitation of alcoholics and substance abusing people. The Navadarsanagram Integrated Rehabilitation Center for Addicts (IRCA) was established on 26th October 1999 at Pulianmala in Idukki Dt. by Provincial Superior of St. Joseph’s Province Rev. Fr. Mathew Cheerankuzhy and brought under Navadarsanagram Psycho Social Development Society with a view to extend its support to the rural villages of the District of Idukki in a scientific and professional manner. Navadarsanagram Psycho Social Development Society is primarily aimed to eradicate the ever-growing and fast spreading evil of alcoholism and substance abuse especially amidst people belonging to the lowest social strata in the most backward rural district of Idukki in Kerala and the bordering areas in Tamil Nadu.

A large number of tribals, marginal labourers and low-income farmers live in these rural regions of Highranges. The incidents of alcohol and other country liquor abuse are alarmingly high in this area due to a variety of social and economic reasons. Basically, the indulgent groups are poor, illiterate, farm/estate labourers or marginal farmers who after day’s handwork find solace in locally brewed alcohol and easily available toxic drugs like ganja etc. The tribals are largely illiterate while the migrant people both from the plains of Kerala and Tamil Nadu lack educational backgrounds, as their main concern is to make their living. Therefore other social, cultural and spiritual development assumed least priority. Seeing the pathetic plight of several such families the visionaries of the Organisation, felt the need to address and arrest the spread of this menace. Thus Navadarsanagram came into existence.

Our Approach

As mentioned above Navadarsanagram is at the advantage of utilizing the infrastructure and fellowship of women and men under the guidance and the supervision of the organization. The field staff of the organisation undertakes the work of identifying the problem drinkers and drug abusers in their respective areas. Once identified they are encouraged to participate in A A groups / other special groups conducted in different Outreach Centres in Kattappana, Parappu and Kumily. These Outreach counselling centres are rendering follow-up services for patients who have undergone treatment in Navadarsanagram.

Navadarsanagram is primarily a Residential Care Centre, which has the facility to accommodate 50 in-patients at a time. In normal cases treatment is for 31 days. Long-term care is also provided for those who need extended support. This Centre is equipped with professionally qualified and experienced medical and paramedical personnel and counselling staff.

Strategically, three pronged management approaches are envisaged in our functioning, namely:

  • Awareness building programmes through SHGs, voluntary groups, and educational institutions such as schools and colleges.
  • Motivational counselling: individual/groups through Outreach Centres.
  • Treatment and Preliminary rehabilitation programmes in the Residential Care Centre.

Follow Ups

We have also taken up programmes such as Preventive and Community Based Rehabilitation activities through Outreach Centers.


The following objectives are to be achieved during the current financial Year 2013-2014

  • Identify, locate, encourage, and motivate a minimum of 1000 addicted persons for treatment.
  • Provide treatment (De-toxification, Counselling,Group Therapy and Primary rehabilitation) for minimum of 250 patients.
  • Conduct 25 seminars, awareness generation campaigns for student population in near by schools and colleges.
  • Conduct weekly meetings for the recovering addicts in Outreach Centers.
  • Organize monthly meetings for the recovering addicts and their significant others.
  • Conduct monthly meetings for the family members.
  • Conduct 10 awareness Generation camps for women and children.

Innovative Programmes And Services

Treatment Units
  • Residential treatment - 31 days
  • Rehabilitation services – 3 months to 1 year.
  • Outreach and Relapse prevention programmes – 2 year.
  • Individual / groups counselling.
  • Couple / Family therapy.
  • Family Members support groups.
  • Men / Women self help groups.
  • Prayer felloships / Spiritual Therapy.
  • Meditation / Yoga.
  • Job orientation / training programmes.

Seminars, Classes, Workshops

These programs are based on the following issues including the various aspects of alcoholism, drug addiction and its ramification on the individual and on their dependants and the society at large.

There are some of the subjects being conducted for the dependants of family members held separately or jointly by emphasizing on the following vital aspects at frequent intervals (at least once in a fortnight).

  1. Alcoholism or Drug addiction – a disease concept.
  2. Role of family in the treatment and rehabilitation processes.
  3. Empowerment of society particularly women groups to deal with the above menaces.
  4. Active involvement and participation of society in prevention and control of the spread of social evils.
  5. Relapse Prevention Strategies.
  6. Re- orientation of family lives of de-addicts .
  7. Role of AA, NA in recovery programmes.
  8. Need for regular follow – up


The direct beneficiaries are the recovering persons themselves while dependents enjoy indirect benefits like inner peace, family accord, above all socio economic prosperity. So far Navadarsanagram has been able to provide services to about 350 families on an average per year (900 dependant family members).